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How Do I Get Admitted to an Online Teaching Program?

You should look at a variety of institutions to find the one that matches your goals, finances, and lifestyle best. You may request online for information to be sent to you.

Once you have determined which school you’d like to attend, there is generally a multi-step process. Acceptance isn’t automatic. Legitimate institutions do not admit everyone who applies to get a teaching degree. They want students who will complete the program successfully and be prepared for the challenges of the profession.


There will be an online application to complete, as well as an application fee. This is your first introduction to the institution, so complete the application thoroughly and carefully.


Institutions may have specific admission deadlines for each semester. If you miss a deadline, you might not be considered until the next term. Be aware of deadlines and make every effort to meet them.


Your prospective institution will likely have a specialist that can answer any questions you have, give you specific information about your unique situation, and advise you on possible courses.


You may be required to take an admissions test. This will provide the institution with information on how successful you may be in their online teaching degree program.


You will have to provide evidence (usually transcripts) of any prerequisite degrees, such as high school diploma, GED, or bachelor’s degree.

Previous Coursework

If you have credits you’d like to transfer, or if you have a degree from another institution, you’ll be asked to provide transcripts.

Financial Aid

If you are applying for federal financial aid, there may be a form to fill out on your institution’s website. Do this in a timely manner, so, if you are eligible, funds will be available when you want to begin the program.

Other Steps

The steps listed above are common for online institutions. Specific schools might have additional requirements. Individuals who enroll in certain programs (such as extended certification for current teachers) may have to provide additional paperwork. It is your responsibility to follow the procedures outlined by your prospective institution.

After Acceptance

Once you’ve been accepted, be sure you understand your program. Do you have to take courses in any particular order? What courses are required and what are optional or elective? What are the deadlines for registration? (Pay attention to these, or you may get closed out of a course for the semester!)

As you complete your coursework, always keep your overall program in mind. Am I taking all the required courses? When is tuition due? You don’t want to have to pay late fees. Do I need to take any state tests? When and how do I apply for certification?