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I Want An Online Degree – Now What?

The age of the Internet has altered the education landscape as much as any other sector that now operates online. What was once considered “Distance Education” is now pegged “Online Education” where the playing field has been leveled for students all over the world regardless of geographical limitations.

With a new Online Degree program opening up by the week, and industry jargon mixing accredited Universities with fake Diploma mills that churn out diploma without requirements beyond payment, the Online Education landscape can be complex.

You will soon learn that receiving an Online Degree provides a platter full of advantages for education seekers who are restricted by time, transportation or a career. Most Online Universities understand that they offer an attractive education package for busy individuals looking to improve their resume, so ensure you shop around before enrolling in any programs. Be patient.

One of the best strategies to find the right Online Degree program is to reflectively ask some basic questions. What are the attendance requirements, book purchases, costs and degree provided? Will you have access to professors to help you through your coursework at any hour? These simple questions will allow you to narrow down the pool of Universities that you will want to seek further information from.

If you are seeking the quickest and easiest way to get a degree on your resume you will likely seek a school with minimal attendance requirements; however, if learning a skill, trait or craft is critical then it is important to look deeper into the works of the professors, books, and history of the program you would be entering. Do your homework.

Regardless of which school you eventually choose to pursue, be sure to select a school that is accredited to provide an online degree, such as University of Phoenix or Capella University, as any employer will have the power of the Internet to research on the degree you have received.

Lastly, you should be informed on the harsh realities of where an Online Degree is perceived by the majority of employers. According to a recent study, “76 percent of hiring managers say that an online degree received through an established university such as Duke or Stanford is more acceptable than a degree earned through an Internet only University like Capella.” Unfortunately, this is the growing pains of the Online Education industry, but with aggressive pursuit to rid the fake diploma industry, online educations will soon become widely regarded as a great way to move your career in the right direction.