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The Essence of CV Writing

The most important task of a curriculum vitae from the HR manager’s point of view is to filter unsuitable applicants.

It must contain the staff specification (qualification, experience, possibly language knowledge). If it contains this precisely, unsuitable applicants can be filtered out (it is supposed that 90 per cent of the applicants are not suitable for the essential criteria.)

Filtering beforehand is often mechanical. The applicant graduated summa cum laude in vain if the personal specification needs somebody who is experienced. (Does the advertisement always contain the essential criteria? Not always. In case of simple positions it may happen that the employer makes the conditions more rigorous seeing too many applicants and only with experienced, qualified people he speaks to, although he did not indicate it before. If we do not suit the personal specifications, it is not worth applying, though there are sometimes exceptions.)

Of course, HR managers are usually glad if they can decide it soon, they generally go through confusing CVs.

If there are too many CVs and too little time for job interviews, it is not only the personal specification that can make the decision. It occurs frequently that is why it is very important how the CV is written.

What does the HR specialist pay attention to?

– the length of time of application

– holes in application,

– if the dates are correct or not,

– sometimes he draws the conclusions from grammatical mistakes.